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POE: 2.0.4 Patch Notes and What Occurs Once the Obstacle Leagues End!

Le 15 October 2015, 07:24 dans Humeurs 0

2.0.4 Patch Notes and What Comes about Once the Obstacle Leagues Close!


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The Warbands and Tempest leagues conclude on Friday afternoon. Right now, we'll take the realm right down to migrate people's people and hideouts to standard and Hardcore. Presently we'll also deploy the two.0.four update. Look at out the patch notes! 




The realm will go down at Oct 01, 2015 9:00 PM (EDT) (this is certainly shown with your area timezone) and be down for approximately 20 minutes. The One-month Flashback Situations commence the next day. 




We are going to be publishing the winners to the Hideout Level of competition tomorrow! 



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On Wednesday 30th September our server vendors will probably be carrying out servicing into the San Jose gateway. There may be a few minutes of disruption to this gateway's connectivity among 07:00 - thirteen:00 UTC. We apologise for just about any inconvenience this might bring about!






POE Divination card

Le 10 October 2015, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0


buying at store is the best choice to buy Path of Exile Currency. currency is the most important currency for the poe. you can purchase any items with currency in the game world.
Divination cards drop from monsters and chests. These are stackable, tradeable goods that consider up 1x1 stock house. A full set of playing cards could be vendored to Tasuni in exchange for the product referenced within the card. Each and every card variety drops in specific regions of Wraeclast, so farming claimed region permits the player to maximise their prospects of getting the specified product. In addition, divination playing cards are impacted with the fall level penalty.[1] Nevertheless, there are no fall penalties in maps. Fall penalties (which implement to currency and divination cards only) will not use just after level sixty eight - so any environment space of level 68 or increased is addressed as getting stage sixty eight with the reasons of penalties.

Divination cards that give an item using an item level that relies upon on the player, are capped at merchandise stage eighty two. If a set of divination cards offers a corrupted unique merchandise, then that product will never be uncommon.[2]

Listing of divination cards

This is a list of all divination playing cards presently in sport, with their recognized drop areas. Each time a card can fall inside of a certain map region, it drops both in that frequent map and its legacy variant.

POE: Asserting the Bloodgrip Race Season!

Le 6 October 2015, 09:14 dans Humeurs 0

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Route of Exile race leagues are limited length situations the place players compete in the fresh economy to gain prizes. With durations ranging from minutes to 1 month, they permit gamers to exhibit mastery of Path of Exile. Today we're announcing our 2nd race year within the Awakening: the Bloodgrip Race Season. Named following the 1000-point One of a kind Amulet that we are introducing with all the time, the Bloodgrip Season will run for a person thirty day period and has one hundred twenty gatherings. Now we have also deployed a small 2.0.second patch. 




The Bloodgrip signature race (that's a 50 moment Mounted Seed occasion) has a fascinating residence - players have Corrupting Blood! Consequently as monsters strike them, individuals monsters start off to just take problems over time.




There'll be some harmony improvements coming upcoming 7 days before this new race year starts.



when you buy POE Currency from a site, never give your credit card or bank account information directly to a currency seller. it's very important. won't ask you for the full card number.


In other information, we're changing the default privateness options for accounts. You may go through far more over it right here.


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